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PowerBar is an American producer of sports nutrition ‘Made from athletes for athletes.’
We enabled PowerBar Europe to relaunch their corporate websites in all their European Markets and built up their presence on Social Media.

Collaborating on a new scale.

While relaunching the PowerBar website, we helped the European marketing team to develop a more effective collaboration model with the markets. It considered specific market support packages (e.g. for SEO or website management services) which led to a decrease of costs on market level, an increase in take-rates of new website content and an overall more effective implementation process.

Collaborating on a new scale.

The shift to a service oriented collaboration model has helped PowerBar to achieve a more effective partnership with the markets.

Power Bar Mock Up Web

Ensuring success on Social.

The goal of managing PowerBar's Social Channels was clear: similar to what we had achieved in working together on websites, we focused on streamlining organizational processes and building up communication strategies specific for each channel. That foundation would help us later when implementing the strategy on market level and scaling it throughout the region with low efforts. Furthermore, we defined communication strategies for each touchpoint to maximize the potential while still keeping communication consistent overall.


  • ...consistency through a centralized content planning for all markets
  • ...proactive community management on all social touch-points
  • ...campaigns that strengthen the community engagement of PowerBar

Smarter and Connected Campaigns.

When it came to creating campaigns, we again asked ourselves: how can we create smarter campaigns with lasting business impact? Our answer was clear: an integrated campaign that not only delivers on the brand's purpose and promises but ensures in the long term active engagement with their target audience. As an official sponsor of the Tour de France, PowerBar wanted to show that they are committed not only to professional sportsmen, but also the everyday athlete. That's why we created the #POWERBARTOUR: an amateur cyclist event similar to the actual Tour de France where participants could enter their completed tour stages on the PowerBar Website to compete and win prizes.

Smarter and Connected Campaigns

The combination of higher social media engagement and an increased reach through performance marketing helped PowerBar to achieve their best performing campaign.

The results.


Earned media contacts


Cycling stages completed


Increase in returning visitors

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