Our role.

We’ve been the lead agency for luxury vehicle manufacturer BMW in 35 countries. In the beginning of 2017, we were recruited to bring the visions and needs of the headquarter and markets in the social media sphere closer together.

Our task.

Make BMW the most relevant premium automotive brand on social media, with markets that have hugely different cultures, languages and local set-ups. But how do you even start to tackle an established and beloved brand?

Social Media Strategy for BMW.

With our unique collaboration approach we focus on two things:

Putting the BMW customers in the centre and achieving consistency within the region. To do so, we collect data and analyze local customer experience. Are electric models trending in Morocco? Is BMW perceived as innovative in Israel? Which service would be best for BMW on social for Icelandic customers? The perception and behavior of customers influence our market specific communication strategy. Through these insights, we also adapted our performance campaigns and content on the website.

Within less than two years, BMW became segment leader in all countries when measuring the engagement per fan on social media. This social media approach is now part of an entirely new digital marketing strategy for BMW, that inevitably influences the entire communication.

X5 G05


  • ...connect the dots of market demands with the customer-centric marketing strategy of BMW
  • ...create a higher and more consistent appeal for the brand BMW, cross-channels and cross-markets
  • ...implement Artificial Intelligence that identifies customer preferences and enables a more efficient production and planning of content in all markets

The methodology of EIGHTYDOTS has enabled us to strengthen BMW's customer centricity, gathering insights internationally and making BMW the most relevant premium automotive brand in our markets on social media.

L. Steinhauer, Marketing Area Manager, BMW Group

Results of our collaboration.

Establishing a consistent methodology and generating customer insights through AI was the game-changer in achieving segment leadership on social media.

Significantly lower local campaign efforts

Consistent communication across all markets

Global transparency on customer demands

On social media we achieved:


more engaged users


leader in engagement in all markets


increase in reach


more test drive appointments


accuracy in engagement prediction


increase in website visits from social

Next Project

The digital transformation of NEFF

EIGHTYDOTS supported in strengthening the digital appearance of NEFF and aligned all global and local needs.

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