What is Mindfulness in 2021?

Sarah Boughaba

by Sarah Boughaba



Mindfulness in the workplace... You have probably heard many definitions of what Mindfulness is, right? Let’s stick to one for now.

“Mindfulness means living in the present moment. Essentially, it means being (intentionally) more aware and awake to each moment and being fully engaged in what is happening in one’s surroundings – with acceptance and without judgment.” - Youmatter

So now, picture this in your current working from home environment. It doesn’t sound easy, right? Well, it’s easier than you think and we’ll tell you how.

It has been proven that mindfulness within the workplace increases employee performance and well-being. But what's mindfulness in 2021? How has it transformed? Take the word “Business” and mix it with “Mindfulness” and you get “Busifulness”. In fact, business is part of our daily life. However, this place just continues to grow because of the current working from home situation. So, where’s the mind in all of this? The mind is always busi-focused, business-focused. In other words, the mind is BUSY.

The normalization of remote work directly impacted our behavior; particularly, our working environment patterns. This is anything but an easy journey. Remember, the place that’s supposed to be your peaceful cocoon? Yes! Your home! Your living room, your bedroom, or even your kitchen if there’s a better WIFI connection. These once peaceful places suddenly started to take on the mindset of an office. By now, with the vicious working from home cycle, you’ve probably experienced a thousand of déja vu’s. And if you focus on the word Busifulness, you’ll spot the word “busi”. So the question is, do you always feel like you are busy because of your working from home lifestyle?

How can you solve this, to achieve mindfulness in your new 2021 lifestyle?

I’m not going to tell you to exercise. You’re aware of this and probably postponed it to tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Create your own routine

There’s nothing better than a customized experience. Build up your own morning or evening routine to shape your day. Plus, you’ll be able to clearly see the difference between a day of work starting and a day of work ending. This customized routine will help improve your productivity and increase your daily motivation.

Set clear boundaries on your screen time

You spend the entire day working behind your screen, so be sure to define a clear timeline. This tip will allow you to take a break, a REAL break in order to avoid any overwhelming feeling.

Block some alone time

Go for a walk, read a book, lay in your bed doing absolutely nothing, that is important.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Give up on your half-pyjama style. Yes, you’re not going to go anywhere, but this tip will help you to set a boundary between work time and life time.


Go to Youtube and search “Guided Motivation.” It will instantly change your life, I promise.

Last but not least, we want to ask you, do you prefer working from home or working from the office? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

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