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You don’t have to be a gamer to know the only direction Twitch is heading in is up. The Amazon owned platform is growing and if you’re in marketing, here’s why you should care. But first, a bit of background.

Twitch is a live streaming service with 9.7 million unique content creators streaming each month.* Although it’s most known for gaming, that’s not the only content you can enjoy on the platform. You can view all types of videos from live music to lifestyle streamers, DIY and more. In fact, Twitchoriginated as Justin.tv in 2007 by Justin Kan on the basis of a single channel broadcasting the ordinary life of Kan in real time.* Although, I don’t think Ludwig’s recording breaking subathon was what Kan had in mind. Leave it to a millennial to take it to the extreme.

If your home life is anything like mine since the onset of the COVID pandemic, your partner has been flexing their sports muscle… esports, that is. There was a 79% increase in average concurrent viewers from February 2020 to April 2020, reaching 2.5 million concurrent viewers, right as the pandemic broke.*

But even before the pandemic was full blown, 1.4 million people were tuned in (average in February 2020). Now, Twitch has 140 million monthly active users.*

Obviously the pandemic had an impact, but don’t credit it for the growth in popularity of this live streaming platform. Even in 2018 Twitch was surpassing classic media formats in terms of viewership.

So why are the numbers rising? As all marketers know, people want to be more immersed and more engaged now more than ever before. And as a platform, Twitch is definitely immersive!

Don’t believe me? That’s okay - Formula One driver Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend would certainly agree with me. After finding herself locked out of their apartment, she resorted to creating her own Twitchprofile and purchasing a subscription to Leclerc’s channel in order to tell him to open the door.

As I said, immersive.

Twitch is a community-driven platform where people can engage with each other and with the streamer themselves. The immersive quality is fueled by the strong sense of community.

Now, imagine a brand as the content creator. Directly engaging develops a connection with your audience and fosters a community. This is a big opportunity for brands and branded Twitch content could be the future.

In fact,

“45% of Twitch users say they would buy a product or service simply for the experience of being part of the community built around it.”
source: GWI

As Twitch grows and individuals have the urge to be more immersed and connected, it’s critical to know which direction your brand is heading in when it comes to social and community presence, and why. Will Twitch become the “must have” social channel for brands? Only time will tell. And if so, you’ll know why and where to start.

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