Drum Social Buzz Awards 2019.





EIGHTYDOTS was highly commended in the Best Automotive or Transport Sector Social Media Strategy/Campaign.

The Social Buzz Awards celebrate the best of the best across the social media spectrum. The Awards offer the perfect opportunity to prove that your campaigns are the best in the industry.

Our methodology to help brands attract and retain more customers has been highly commended for an international marketing award.

What makes our approach worth being highly commended for an award? Read it below in a nutshell:

Our reference case is based on the multiple challenges most international brands face:

// Transformation from a product focused to a customer centric organization is a common strategic goal
// Marketing most often gets a dominant role in that transformation based on its purpose to create value to customers
// However, there is rarely an immediate exchange between global marketing teams and their end-customers worldwide
// By that, customer insights, their wants and needs, are often not fully and in-depth available to those who develop content and customer experience strategies on a global scale
// And even the developed brand messages and customer experience strategies are not implemented consistently across all countries due to internal challenges (lack of resources, skills or budgets locally)

To sum it up: those who have most responsibility to transform brands to more customer focused organizations, have limited insights and interactions with their end-customers.

Our approach starts exactly at those central or regional marketing teams and goes till the impact for end-customers is achieved.

We help central or regional marketing teams to reshape their collaboration model with their local marketing colleagues around the world. We set up technology-based distribution, tracking and listening processes and create new services that have substantial impact on the customer experience.

The highly commended reference case for our client BMW demonstrates that this approach made a fundamental change. It shows how customer insights become the foundation of the content and customer experience strategy for a sales region with more than 30 markets around the world. Only in social media, our approach enabled a much higher engagement with their fans, better reach within their audience and significant higher impact on their business goals. Within less than 2 years, this approach made BMW the most relevant premium automotive brand in all participating markets, fully independent of the prerequisites of their local marketing team and even with less efforts than before.

But most of all it provides the needed transparency on customer demands and preferences on a global scale. It allows BMW to develop new services that make the experience for customers more effortless and creates business impact at the same time. And this is just the beginning.

The 2019 winners were announced on 27 November at a black-tie ceremony in London.

We are so proud of this achievement and the entire team behind it!

We are looking forward to next year!