How can a platform with silly dances and trends become one of the most powerful social media tools for businesses in 2022? I am glad you asked. Let me show you!

It was October 2019 when I first opened the app after seeing the trendy dances on several different platforms. And to my surprise I was hooked from the first day. It was cool, it was easy to use (no, you need no special skills to create videos) and I had fun!

Three years later the platform has changed a lot from what it used to be, as the brands have discovered the potential of it as a marketing tool. In fact, in 2022 the app is predicted to grow even more to over 1.5 billion users, making it one of the fastest growing platforms of all times and possibly surpassing Instagram (who is at 1.3 billion currently). It has become so powerful that all other major platforms are now adapting to the audience and testing different video formats trying to catch up to the newcomer’s success. Facebook and Instagram have started rolling out Reels, Youtube has introduced Shorts and even Snapchat is coming with the Spotlight feature.

However, that doesn’t seem to stop TikTok from its growth. The secret lies in its algorithm, which is far better than that of the competitors. The moment you enter the app, you will be shown different videos to interact with. Based on this interaction, your “For You” page (which works like Instagram’s search page) will give you tailored content that matches your preferances and the accounts you follow, within a few days. Unlike Instagram, TikTok shows its users content from new people, rather than accounts you follow already, which makes the organic reach phenomenal. However it also requires creativity, and dedication to put out content regularly.

More and more brands are turning to influencers and content creators for collaborations. While a few others are doing an amazing job at creating different and more positive images towards their audience through their own branded channels. Ryanair is a great example in this sense. They are posting videos to promote their low fares as well as having some of the best connections to cities across Europe, all in a fun and unique way!

TikTok is a very different platform from what we know and it may not be for every brand. However, we do encourage you to download the app, give it a try and follow some trends. Once you understand how the platform works, you can see the immense possibilities this platform may provide to help you spread the word about your brand.

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