Women Who Love was a night about strong women, their lives and relationships in times of globalization.

Numerous media deals with the question of how to combine career and family, equal rights, a work-life balance and women empowerment. What they don’t talk about is, how love, relationships and certain life circumstances affects dealing with these topics. They don’t talk about, that life is not always going the way it was planned.

So what do you do, if you fall in love with someone from another country? What do you do, if your partner gets offered a job on the other side of the world? What do you do, if you live in a country that is getting more and more dangerous and there is a job opportunity abroad?

That evening we talked about life abroad, international relationships, immigration and life in different countries. We discussed about dreams, careers and the courage to believe in something, someone and yourself.

We got inspired by stories from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Germany, Indonesia, Italia, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA.

Women Who Love is a storytelling project about women created by Susanne, who moved from Munich to Miami (and later to Zurich) for love and tells stories about the lives of women who moved to different countries, their struggles, successes and relationships in times of globalization.

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