During this workshop with SheSays Munich, the speakers challenged and trained the creativity skills of the audience.

What is creativity? Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.
Artists and creatives are commonly admired for their ability to think outside the box, and their gifts have been lauded as somehow outlying and mysterious. Despite the myths: creativity is a developable, trainable skill with many positive benefits for us all.
During this event the speakers introduced the audience to a certain form of creativity: creative writing. And the best thing, everyone had the chance to try it themselves!

We had two parallel workshops: in one panel, Alex Eiter showed the group the usual and unusual forms of poetry and provided them with tools and inspiration for creating a piece of poetry themselves. In the other panel Julie Fellmann presented the facts and forms of screenwriting for films and encouraged the audience as well to try it themselves.

And here a short bio about the speakers of this inspirational and creative evening:


Alex is a project manager at EIGHTYDOTS. Despite being offered a position at the English Department at the University of Innsbruck, he opted for a career path in Digital Marketing, however, did not lost his origins as a philologist. To him, "an essential part of writing poetry is being painfully honest about what you're feeling, only then will poetry give you a chance to freeze an emotion in time. That's what I find so compelling, and at times even helpful, when writing."

At the time of the event, Alex was trying to publish his first book-length poetry collection titled “heart feelings”.


Julie's passion is writing. After completing her studies in German language and literature, she has worked as a television producer on numerous renowned serial and feature film productions. The step into self-employment began with the publication of a detective novel, which was soon followed by a second. In the meantime, she has been working for many years as an established screenwriter for TV series and feature films in all genres, with a special passion for crime thrillers.
She is often asked where she takes her ideas. Ideas are not the problem, creativity is in us all. But not every good idea will be an exciting script. It needs solid know-how and a lot of structure.

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IMG 5034
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