Living more sustainably and consuming mindfully is admirable - but comes with its share of challenges. It’s a commitment to the future, which demands respect for people and the environment.

Our event organized by SheSays Munich brought together the brightest minds, who offer their own perspective on the future of sustainability from a variety of angles – from zero waste, green energy to food sharing.

We exchanged on how everyone can get more involved in the community we all live in, planet earth and had very interesting discussions about the ‘baby steps’ from the consumer perspective that can help us live greener and happier.

We divided everyone attending the event in three groups where each of the panelists moderated a workshop with focus on their experiences:

Group ‘Green Energy’

Moderated by Florian Henle. Florian is founder and CEO of the utility “Polarstern”, Germany’s pioneer for cutting edge energy products focusing on a sustainable energy future. Before Polarstern he founded “GreenGas Concepts”, the inventor of Biogas Certificates based on waste materials.

Florian graduated in Cambridge and Landshut in International Business. On top of that he is a guest lecturer at renowned Universities such as TU München, LMU München or EBS Oestrich-Winkel.

Group ‘Food Sharing’

Moderated by a real ‘doer’: Günes Seyfarth. As an entrepreneur she takes care of financing the mission of the first German woman into space with the initiative “Die Astronautin” to create role models for women, she produces the first real fruit gums from 100% fruits with her StartUp “Fruitiverse”, and brings entrepreneurial thinking into the minds of kids & students with her non-profit organisation “Next Entrepreneurs gUG”. In her spare time, she is a member of the “Foodsharing München e.V.” Board and is committed to the reduction of food waste and the association “Eine Schule Für Alle e.V.” for a fairer school system in Bavaria. As a mother of 3 children, it is not surprising that she solved her own childcare problem by founding her own daycare centre.

Group ‘ Zero Waste’

The third group was moderated by Chrissi Traub. Chrissi’s biggest wish regarding her job was, to always do something with sense. When she is old, she wants to die and be able to say “I tried to make the world a bit better“. After a few detours with studying business, working for a bank and a television group, she found her fulfillment with opening the first package free shop “OHNE der verpackungsfreie Supermarkt“ in Munich with her colleagues Hannah & Carlo. This is now over 4 years ago and just at the beginning of this year they opened a second store in Haidhausen. ‘We are so many people on this planet, if everyone starts somewhere to look after our environment and resources it makes a huge effect. Our grandchildren will thank us for that.’

The evening was inspiring and full of positive and green energy ;-)

We @EIGHTYDOTS, are starting to implement some baby steps in the office to make sure we are part of the change we want to see: because every little step counts!

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