How does authenticity and values have an impact on today’s techworld?

Being authentic starts with knowing yourself. Authenticity is being your true, honest self. It means we all have to look within and get in touch with our values, needs and real feelings.

But, how do authenticity and values have an impact on today’s techworld?

We had a very interesting and inspiring evening in our office answering this and other questions together with Elena Alvarez. Elena is a Transformation Program Manager at Airbus with 27 years of international experience in different aerospace programs. She left Spain back in the 90s and since then she has been moving between England and Germany in different roles covering all aspects of an aircraft product lifecycle, from system design to production.

We were part of Elena’s journey, where she shared with us her professional and personal experience of working at the biggest aerospace company in Europe, Airbus. She explained how succeeding in a complex environment with a wide range of stakeholders goes beyond technical know-how. How customer focus, passion for what you do, communication skills and applying traditional and non-conventional problem-solving skills allow you to reach more, have motivated teams and achieve results.

Elena’s professional passion has always been focused on delivering results and people development. Her life motto comes from Winston Churchill’s quote “Never, never, never give up”. She showed how this is possible without wasting energy and with a smile even when facing difficult situations.

Authenticity is a powerful tool for individual and company success and we were delighted to get further input for such an important value for us at EIGHTYDOTS.

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