Unveiling the ultimate secret of high-performance teams: the SCRUM framework





Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

⎯⎯ Michael Jordan

The following situation might not be strange to you: there you are, working on your tasks but wondering what your colleagues are working on. Like if they were almost working on different companies following different visions.

Working on silos and the lack of shared goals are two pain points marketing teams are going through today. And if you take into account that in 2022 companies should already be speaking “customer-journey”, the risk of falling in inefficiencies is quite high.

This is why we’ve decided to share with you the three most important aspects on how the SCRUM framework has helped us to increase efficiency and work done in record time:

Fail as fast as possible: Engaging in multiple feedback-loops allows the teams to where the flaws might occur, acknowledge them and fix them. No one wants to be working on a specific part of the project for weeks to just realise months later that the basis or foundations where set up in the wrong way. Therefore, constant rounds of feedback are mandatory on projects implementing SCRUM frameworks

Go with the flow: Getting into the rhythm is very important. By organising daily, weekly and bi-weekly sprints, the team members get used to the constant review and exchanges between them, which decreases the risk of working on silos and increases transparency on the project goals.

Instant gratification: It is important to keep the team motivated, therefore focusing first on what can be completed as good and fast as possible should be key. Remember to keep in mind that everyone in the team should have the same understanding of “done”

So there you go: high-paced teams have benefited from the SCRUM framework across different industries. If you are thinking on implementing this framework in your team, remember to keep two things in mind: experiment & learn rapidly, and deliver value continuously.

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