We love Go-Lives! 


Don’t you just love it when a dish turns out exactly like in the cookbook? 
Together with NEFF we created the perfect recipe by developing a new global master website that is now going live in the respective 21 markets. 
We changed the main ingredient towards an interesting product focus altogether creating a tasteful online experience and added a pinch of salt and pepper making the website responsive. This is seasoned with a dealer locator aiming for a better online conversion. For desert, we serve campaign websites highlighting specific product features as well as NEFF Chefs that will leave any customer satisfied. Click on the showreel below to check out the new website! 

Special thanks to NEFF for a wonderful cooperation so far and kudos to our team for all their hard work. Let’s leave the aprons on and keep those spoons stirring. There are many more buns in the oven for 2017.