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September was a busy month in the social media world, with plenty of new resources introduced, especially for business, and of course, let's not forget about engagement. Check out how Facebook wants to improve communication between companies and customers, how Linkedin is expanding features for pages, and Twitter plans to add e-commerce within the platform. Keep on reading to find out more.

Facebook Introduces New Tools for Business Communication

With the aim to provide personalized experiences, Facebook introduces a new tool for communication between consumers and brands.

Coming from a point where 75% of adults would like to communicate with businesses by direct messaging, the platform is launching a few tools to improve the customer journey experience and provide higher satisfaction.

Here is a summary of the new additions:

  • Ads with click to message

When creating an Ad, businesses can choose the messaging platforms they are available, and this contact will be shown at the bottom of the Ad, in the respective platform where is most likely the conversation to happen.

  • Whatsapp chat from Instagram Profile

Businesses can now add a Whatsapp click-to-button directly in their Instagram profile making it easier to start a conversation.

  • Quote request on Messenger

To make it easier to ask for a quote, consumers will be able to answer up to 5 questions on Messenger before sending their request. This feature is still being tested.

Read more details about this and other tools announced by Facebook here.

Instagram launches Map Search feature

This new feature is in the test phase, but still something to pay close attention to.

Instagram has launched this feature in a few countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

The purpose is to allow users to find tagged businesses on the map.

The search will be integrated on the Explore tab, and the map will also appear associated to certain hashtags.

The new feature is part of an existing plan to support small businesses, especially those with their core marketing on the social platform.

Linkedin Introduces Articles for Pages (and the end of Linkedin Stories)

At the beginning of the month, Linkedin announced the end of its stories feature by late September. Among the reasons are the wish of users to have their video content permanently in their profiles and the need for more creative tools to make better videos.

With those learnings in mind, Linkedin is expecting to develop a more suitable tool to satisfy its users.

But we did not need to wait too long for something new to come...

A few weeks after the story announcement, the platform launched Articles for Pages, a tool to help businesses to grow their community engagement. Knowing the importance of meaningful content in such a professional environment, they are extending the feature that was only available for personal profiles before. In this way, views don't need to leave the app and go to a company blog to read the article.

The expectations are to bring more engagement and create better conversations within the community.

Introducing Super Followers and Twitter Commerce

Taking the example of another social network, Twitter is now allowing influencers to monetize their content in a followers subscription base. The prices vary between U$ 2.99, U$ 4.99, or U$ 9.99 a month. The requirements are a minimum of 10 thousand followers, be at least 18 years old, tweet at least 25 times a month and be in the U.S.. Still in the initial phase, the feature has some limitations such as location and software, but the goal is to keep expanding worldwide. Definitely exciting news for content creators.

Now, more on the business side, e-commerce is also on the way to come to the platform.

Twitter is developing some shopping tools to allow people to buy products directly from tweets. And a new tab named "Purchases" is already starting to appear for some users. There will be place buying records as well as Super Follow subscriptions.

It might take time but we can't wait to check the new innovations on their product.

And to end this round up with some user engagement-centered news...

A New Way to Say Happy Birthday on Snapchat

To give it a push on user interaction, Snapchat launched the Birthdays Mini. A friendly way to remind people of their friends' special day.

Those who choose to add their birthday day and month on their profile (birth year and age will continue private) will be added to a list of upcoming and recent birthdays.

Stickers and lenses are going to be available to wish friends happy birthday in a cool way. And it's also possible to count down your own birthday.

It sounds like fun to me! Nothing better than social media to remind our friends to send us greetings.

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