Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - Nov. ‘21 Edition





The digital landscape has been filled with talks and rumors around Facebook overshadowing other platforms' efforts. We’ll get to that, but first, let’s take a step back and see what the rest of the digital universe has been up to lately.

Google Launches a New Eco-Friendly Search Filter

Following the growing desire for more consciousness and sustainability in the way we live, Google is rolling out new search filters to help people make more informed decisions. This comes as part of Google’s efforts to become greener.

The filters help users find the most eco-friendly option among a range of appliances and travel options. For example, it shows CO2 emissions data directly on flight results and the consumption data for appliances as well as helps find the most eco-friendly route on Maps, among other initiatives on the works, including some around EV and cycling.

These seemingly small changes to the Google tools have lots of potential and come to show that even the smallest thing can have a big overall impact.

You can find all about Google’s sustainability efforts here.

Twitter Launches Spaces Tab and Invite Process Broader Rollout

Spaces, Twitter’s Clubhouse competitor, is alive and well. It’s been on test modus for a little while now, available to a select few, but time has come for the rest of the Twittesphere to be invited in on the fun. Twitter has finally announced a broader rollout for the Spaces tab within the app and will be making finding new Spaces much easier.

However, bad news for Android users, the rollout will start with English iOS first but the Android plus other languages scheduled to follow shortly.

That being said, reports say that, in spite of ongoing efforts to improve the searchability of the sessions going on by adding topic tags, the fact that it is open to anyone makes it still quite difficult to find relevant sessions if you don’t go looking for a specific one.

This news however, means that brands with a strong community on Twitter will be able to start leveraging the power of live audio and create formats in which direct interaction with their audience becomes a reality.

Instagram Rolls Out a Series of Features, and Rolls Out Links in Stories to Everyone

Again Instagram has been busy too with a couple of new releases geared to increase the options for creators and brands to engage with their audiences such as new music options or...

“Collabs”, a feature which allows various users to collaborate, or as they call it “co-author”, on posts and Reels. Brands will probably attempt to use this tool to take advantage of the potential added reach. However, Instagram points out that this should not replace the “Brand partnership tag” but rather be used as a way to tag friends and support each other in a clear wink to the approach of the competitor app TikTok. This doesn’t mean that it’s not allowed, as long as the FTC rules are followed. That added seamless reach could be a game changer for many! Have you seen this feature popping up on your feed yet?

These new features are very cool but probably the most anticipated roll out this year was the one that happened on the 27th of October: Links in Stories was officially opened up to all users!

It seems a smart move from Instagram to subty push users to focus more on using stories as the preferred format and thus sharing video content. Which follows the announcement the platform made a few months back of its intent to move away from being a photo sharing app and more towards video.

Either way, this is great news for smaller or more niche brands or brands new to the platform because they will not only be able to benefit from the increased engagement the sticker offers, but also drive more traffic to their products and services in a simple yet engaging way.

So, what are you waiting for, get updating those apps and start scheming about all the great content you’ll share with your community the moment your brand account finally gets the sticker! And if you’re struggling with ideas, GET IN TOUCH and let’s have a chat.

And now that we’ve seen what the rest has been up to, it’s time to address the elephant in the room, Facebook’s new name!

Last week, on the 28th of October, it was announced that Facebook was rebranding. After a lot of speculation about what the potential new name for the tech giant could be with lots of wild guesses floating around the interwebs, it came down to: META.

Whether this will manage to turn the company’s rep around or will change nothing, it is a move that many big companies have taken over the years as their businesses have evolved. See Google and Alphabet being a great example.

Anyhow, what do you think? Does the new name live up to your expectations?

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