Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - May ‘21 Edition





May's most relevant digital topics are here. Check out these updates for the most important news that will affect you and your marketing plans in the coming months. From data privacy updates by Apple to signs from Pinterest about post-pandemic life, you don’t want to miss these headlines.

Let's start with the most awaited and feared…

Apple’s New iPhone Feature “App Tracking Transparency” Changes the Defaults of Privacy

If you’re an iPhone user, or a Facebook advertiser, you’ve probably been hearing all about Apple’s new privacy feature in their iOS 14.5 software update.

“App Tracking Transparency lets you control which apps are allowed to track your activities across other companies’ apps and websites for ads or sharing with data brokers.” - Apple

What does that mean for marketers, especially those who use Facebook ads? What is Facebook’s opinion about this? NBC News addresses these questions and others that you might have.

One thing that marketers might turn to is the community of influencers. And, just in time….

Zuckerberg Announces New Ways for Creators and Brands to Connect

There was no roll out or launch date communicated, but Zuckerberg announced multiple Instagram features to help creators, especially unestablished ones, generate more money from their content. This will include a “marketplace” to help match brands with creators whose content is relevant and aligned with their target audience. Read more about the announcement, here.

In other positive news…

Pinterest Searches Begin to Reflect Life Post-Pandemic

As the number of vaccinations increase, Pinterest has found that searches related to socialising are increasing as well. For instance, searches containing the words “outfit” “vacation” and “weddings” reflect patterns that point to Pinners’ positive outlook on what’s to come.

Snapchat Works Towards a “More Inclusive” Camera

The second edition of Snapchat’s Annual Diversity Report says that a new focus for them is rethinking the Snap camera. Snapchat says they are adopting an inclusion-by-design process, which means they are committed to rewriting machine learning algorithms to remove unconscious bias. They state that they want to build a camera that “works for each Snapchatter regardless of who they are and what they look like.” Learn more in their report and video, “Scaling Empathy: Diversity at Snap”.

Let’s end off this round up with something you all knew was coming.

Instagram Begins Testing Reel Ads

It’s finally here - Instagram has started rolling out full-screen ads for select accounts in India, Germany, Brazil and Australia. Read more about what you can expect for this latest monetisation tool, here.

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