Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - JAN. ‘22 Edition





A new year is always exciting and 2022 was not going to be any different. This year comes full of potential ready to be explored from updates to existing tools and platforms to further digital transformation and the power of relevance in marketing communications among other topics that we already mentioned in our last DOTS Digital Digest of 2021. Keep on reading to find out more about some of the hottest trends for 2022.

Crypto & NFT will continue to grow in 2022

Similar to Cryptocurrencies, NFTs are a new global value exchange. And since 2021, they have slowly but steadily been changing the way the online economy works by switching the way we understand and see the value and function of all digital assets and artworks.

Specialists are currently predicting US$1.5 trillion (€1.3 trillion) market for tokenised assets in Europe over the next three years. Some mentioned examples of assets that could be tokenised are real estate, debt, bonds, shares, copyrights, real art, virtual art and collectibles.

This brings us one step closer to the original aim of cryptocurrencies of financial inclusivity by making it possible for investors of any size to have access to investments in a wide range of areas which in a traditional setup would never be possible.

We are curious to see how this evolves and the possibilities it may bring for businesses of all sizes.

Social media will continue being updated towards more privacy and quality of user experience

As a result of the pressure put on social media platforms during the last few years, they will continue to update their privacy policies and update their systems to encourage more authentic and engaging content, which in return will result in further growth beyond what they’ve seen so far.

Besides the content and privacy shift, short form video will continue to grow allowing TikTok and competitors in the field to further grow and attract more users and partners.

Lastly, aspects of social media that until now had been tremendously under-utilised by many businesses in the context of marketing in spite of their high business impact potential will grow in 2022. We are looking at you, customer service!

So, if you’ve not considered social media as part of your customer service efforts and want to know where to start, get in touch for a chat.

Reach will be overthrown by relevance

Well, maybe not fully overthrown, but it will definitely need to take a BIG step forward in your business communication priority list. In 2022 it’s not enough to put pretty pictures out on the Internet, in order to stand out, brands will need to focus now more than ever in purposefully communicating their value and authentic purpose. It will be a balancing act between creating true-to-brand experiences and staying relevant to people. To do that, brands will need to focus on really getting to know their customers, what their true needs are.

Data and a strong customer service approach in place will be your best friends to tackle this challenge successfully!

Which of these 2022 trends would you like to incorporate into your current brand's ecosystem? Let's have a chat.

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