Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - MAR. ‘22 Edition





March has been relatively slow in comparison to previous months when it comes to digital news but we still have a few things here and there popping up worth keeping an eye on. From NFTs to content exporting capabilities between platforms and more control over ad placements on Meta among others, keep on reading to find out more.

Twitter is Testing New Functionalities for the Main Application and SpacesYouTube Adds New Ways to Make Money from Shorts for creators and Shopping

For the Twitter power users, the social media app is reportedly testing its own version of the Instagram option “close friends”. This feature would allow users to customise the audience to their tweets to only a smaller number of their total followers (reportedly up to 150 users). This comes among a sea of options that aim to give users more control over who sees and engages with their content.

This could be a great opportunity for users to cater to more than 1 audience. Or alternatively could change for good the wild nature of the platform. Will this feature come to stay? What do you think?

Besides customisation to who sees your content, Twitter is also testing a new option for users to share 30-second clips from Spaces audio rooms to their timeline (currently iOS only). This functionality is limited for now to hosts but could be a great way to share quick and snackable snippets and as conversation starters outside of Spaces too!

Such a functionality comes with some risks too so we are looking forward to how it evolves during the coming months.

Brands May Soon Have More Control Over Ad Placements on Meta Platforms

Your ad keeps on popping up next to completely inappropriate content? Well, that will soon (early 2023) be part of the past. Meta has brought some hope to brands all over the world. Earlier this month they announced that they are starting to test new tools, which will provide brands with more control over their ad placements both on Facebook and Instagram. A potential game-changer on the horizon? We think so!

Pinterest Is Upping Its Content Shareability Game

Pinterest creators will soon be able to seamlessly share their Idea Pins across their favourite social media channels. Similar to TikTok, the new feature allows creators to download their Idea Pins as videos ready to be shared to other platforms, with a nifty Pinterest watermark!

This aims to bring more users over and it may just work. We’ll have to keep an eye out on TikTok for those Idea Pins. Have you seen any yet?

And last but definitely not least...

NFTs will be coming to Instagram

Right out of SXSW came one of March’s juiciest updates from the digital landscape: NFTs are coming to Instagram. When? No one really knows. How? That’s also a big incognita. But what’s sure is, it’s made the interwebs extremely excited, and it makes sense. We’ve talked about NFTs and how much potential they have to make the world slightly more accessible in previous Digital Digest. Zuckerberg announcing future native integrations into two of the biggest platforms in the world adds one more layer to the cake. From marketplaces to a full-on metaverse angle, possibilities are endless!

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