Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - FEB. ‘22 Edition





We’re slowly approaching spring, and with it, it feels like everything comes back to life. The digital world doesn’t take a break and it seems that even more and more new and creative features are on the horizon. The great news is: companies are paying even more attention to their consumers! But, let us walk you through the most important updates:

YouTube Adds New Ways to Make Money from Shorts for creators and Shopping

What does it mean? Creators are even more in the spotlight. The focus is first on Shorts. New features like comments reply with Shorts, new video effects and an overall intention to monetize through this format are showing YouTube’s focus on short-form content.

Another interesting update is the intention to expand the shopping experience. Brands will soon be able to live stream their products so viewers can shop directly by just clicking on the products listed in the video. This will facilitate the process of buying and can potentially lead to more sales. More on the topic can be found here.

In the words of Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer: “It’s a big year of change for YouTube.”

Instagram Rolls Out New Feature for Stories & Important Updates

The platform has announced the introduction of a new feature that allows users to engage without having to start a conversation in DMs. It will only be seen by the account that published the story and can be a way to receive valuable feedback about the audience's preferences. It may seem like a minor change but it will not only declutter the DMs but can also become a very valuable tool to measure how some activities are received by your audience.

Talking about valuable tools…Even more exciting news! In case you lose your account, a simpler way to recover it may be on the horizon. Instagram wants to introduce a feature where friends can verify your identity, making it simpler and quicker to recover all your data. This could be a big step forward, as right now, once you lose access to your account, it can be difficult to recover it.

Snapchat Introduces a New Way of Monetisation

The competition for attention in the social media world is heating up, and Snapchat does not want to stay behind.

In an attempt to motivate creators to produce more content, the platform will now start to introduce ads in the best performing stories. Audience engagement and posting frequency seem to be the determining factors for creators to be eligible for this extra revenue stream.

This is even bigger news for brands that will have the chance to reach their target audience more precisely.

New Insights: Could TikTok become the ultimate discovery platform for brands?

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the growth of the platform. Long gone are the days when Gen Zers were the only ones to be found and more and more people of all ages have started enjoying the endless stream of content found on this platform. Recently TikTok published a new study with interesting discoveries about the platform and how people use it.

Some of the most interesting findings are:

  • 49% of users say the app is a good source to discover new things
  • 44% discover products from videos posted by brands
  • 42% consider buying a product if they see a video posted by another user
  • 44% of users say that a purchase is more likely if the brand presents the product in a joyful way.

We find these insights really interesting, as it shows some powerful data. Many brands want to reinvent themselves, all brands want to reach their customers easier and TikTok can be a solution for both. People are ready to buy, but the buying behaviour is slightly changing. Customers want to be entertained now more than ever, they want to connect with the brand, and it seems that creativity and fun can be the answer. Luckily the platform offers that and more.

Social platforms are no longer about posting pictures and staying in touch with friends, but all about a direct relationship between brands and their customers. And we are curious to see how this will evolve in the future. What are your feelings about that?

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