Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - Feb. ‘21 Edition





We know it’s hard to stay up-to-date and digital saturation doesn’t help. So, we’ve compiled a short list of what’s been happening on social this past month, just for you. Stay tuned for our monthly quick, digestible social media news highlights.

Instagram Tests Removing the Ability to Share Feed Posts in Stories

Social media consultant, Matt Navarra, shared this tweet at the end of January which caused a bit of stir. In select regions, Instagram is testing a change to sharing to stories. This test involves not allowing users to share feed posts in their stories. Instagram has emphasized that this is just a test and there are no plans to roll-out this change. Nonetheless we can’t help wondering about the results of this test. Will this encourage users to create more original content? Will this change the virality of feed posts? Will it decrease repetitive content and improve the user experience? Will people just start screenshotting grid posts and sharing them in their stories à la tweets on Instagram?

Read the full story on SMT.

Speaking of Twitter…

Twitter Rolls Out Audio DMs

It’s official, Tweeple can now send voice recorded direct messages in India, Brazil and Japan, and further countries, soon. This is just an experiment which means that there’s no confirmation that this will be a permanent feature. What’s our take? After 2020, we’re here for any accessible technology that helps us stay connected with family and friends. If you’re one of the lucky early ones, here’s how to use it.

Facebook is Reportedly Creating its own Clubhouse-like Product

With the buzz around Clubhouse, and soon to launch Spaces, it’s no surprise that Facebook might be working on their own audio chat product too. Facebook hasn’t officially or publicly announced or confirmed this topic, but you can read all about the story on The NYT.

And last but not least...

Your Favourite Platforms Celebrate Black History Month

One way that Youtube has been “Celebrating Black Creativity” is by raising Black voices and culture on their platform through showcasing art. Watch their latest inspirational artist.

TikTok has been highlighting Black creators who are making a difference in their community with live entertainment including a weekly TikTok LIVE program. Read more about these initiatives from TikTok.

Facebook celebrated Black History Month with their four-part Facebook Watch series called “Forward: The Future of Black Music”, amongst other initiatives. Watch the most recent episode here.

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