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Another month has come and gone, and news and updates in the digital world have not slowed down. This month we give you an overview of the latest YouTube Shorts numbers, the future of events and the latest efforts by Facebook to fight misinformation among other things, so keep on reading to find out more.

YouTube Shorts Update

Do you remember last month we mentioned that YouTube’s take on TikTok and Reels was finally being released globally? A month in, we wanted to see how things have moved since in the Shorts universe.

Since its global release a few weeks back, around 152,000 accounts have uploaded over 1.1 million Shorts, which combined have received more than 43 billion views!

Out of those 1.1 million shorts, the vast majority were uploaded by influencers and other celebrities, while only around 4,000 were uploaded by brands.

Even though most brands have not embraced Shorts yet, those numbers are very promising and we hope to see more variety in content soon.

Find the full article here.

TikTok Stories

You read that right. This time around the tables have turned and TikTok is the one taking on a format from other platforms. Earlier this month the platform started piloting the feature with a select group of creators, who will be able to share short form vanishing clips much like other platforms do.

According to comments shared by a spokesperson with Vanity, this is part of their constant effort to bring value to their community and enrich their experience in the app. This includes bringing more formats so they can bring their ideas to life in the best possible way.

The pilot is currently running in various countries outside the U.S. which means that it’s not sure whether this will be a feature they will keep.

What do you think, should TikTok add stories to its repertoire of functions or should they stick to their current strengths?

In-Person Festivals Merging with Virtual for More Accessibility

As in-person events and festivals start slowly returning, what will happen to all those virtual formats that popped up during the last 2 years to keep things rolling? The last few weeks have shown that many of the big players have started playing around with hybrid versions of events as this article by Digiday states.

Hybrid in-person and virtual events would allow for a much wider audience to take part in events that in normal circumstances would have been limited to a much smaller audience. With newer perceptions of what events should be and the increase in popularity of gaming and e-Sports, we are looking forward to seeing how things will look like in the coming months, as more people are vaccinated and restrictions start being lifted more and more all over the world.

If hosting events is part of your brand’s communication and marketing efforts get in touch to discuss the possibility of hybrid events.

Facebook Announces the Launch of a new Accelerator Challenge to Improve its Approach in Policing Misinformation

The Facebook Journalism Project just announced the launch of the Accelerator Challenge, which will see fourteen of their external fact-checking partners come together to get further development and improve their businesses. A similar project launched back in 2018, the Facebook accelerator, has been running successfully since its start supporting local news publishers to build sustainable businesses.

This comes as part of the recent efforts by Facebook to fight misinformation as stated by Keren Goldshlager (News Integrity Partnerships Lead at Facebook): “In the fight against misinformation, we know that it’s important not only to reduce the spread of misleading content, but also to elevate accurate information. The Accelerator will enable us to support our independent fact-checking partners in this mission as they seek to reach wider audiences and connect deeply with their readers.”

Find out more here.

Instagram Removing the Swipe Up Links and Replacing them with Link Stickers

As of yesterday, the sought-after Instagram Swipe Up Links function has been replaced with a Link Sticker among mixed feelings from users and questions from advertisers. The change will happen first for those who already had access to the feature with the aim of eventually rolling it out to the rest of the over 1 billion users of the platform. But why?

Instagram said this new format provides added benefits such as further engagement (slides with the new Link Sticker can receive quick replies and emojis which wasn’t possible with the original Swipe Up), further control over the look of the sticker and a more streamlined user experience, as it will work the same as all other available stickers. Another potential benefit could be an increased CTR thanks to its more prominent placement within the stories but time will tell and we will report back!

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