Monthly DOTS Digital Digest - Apr. ‘21 Edition





The April edition of the DOTS Digital Digest is finally here. Fresh from the oven, you will find a wide array of updates from the latest Snapchat acquisition to Clubhouse insights and the latest Spotify tool. Keep on reading for a snackable roundup of the most relevant digital news in the last couple of weeks!

Let's start with the new kid on the block…

Clubhouse has Added Creator Payments and the Android Version Seems Closer than Ever

The team behind Clubhouse have taken one more step towards consolidating their app as a creator powerhouse by adding a creator payment feature. Similar to Patreon, Twitch or Ko-Fi.com, users can send money to creators who’ve activated the option. It’s currently in the first wave of testing and they hope to improve the feature and roll it out to a larger audience in the near future.

Besides creator payments, they seem to also be working full speed on developing the Android version of the app to keep up with the current competitors. The closest contenders include the likes of Twitter Spaces, Facebook Audio Features and the Clubhouse-like apps by LinkedIn and Reddit, who are quickly gaining momentum (read more below). Rumor says this should be available sometime in May. Will they make it?

Now that you are up to date on the latest feature updates from the Audio-world, let’s talk data.

Clubhouse Insights

Even though Clubhouse is the new place to be these days, there is still a lack of data and insights. Partially due to the nature of the app itself, and partially due to its recent arrival into the market. However, here you can find a compilation of insights, trends and conversations collected during the last few months. Having this data available will help you develop a data-driven strategic approach to your brand’s presence on the platform.

Snapchat Acquires Fashion Recommendation App Screenshop

In an attempt to push forward its eCommerce efforts, Snapchat has bought Screenshop. The fashion recommendation app that scans photos and feeds back recommendations will be added to Snapchats current AR-integrated eCommerce environment.

Spotify Launches Voice Searches

To improve the user experience, Spotify has launched a new feature called “Hey Spotify” that allows users to use voice commands to navigate the app. This should allow for a more comfortable experience for users, who can now jump playlists, switch songs and more, while doing other activities.

You can read more about how it works and how to activate the feature here.

Linkedin Shares Data To Help Improve InMail Campaigns

Even though it is mostly directed to recruiters using the InMail campaign format, this data-packed resource shared by LinkedIn is a great insight and a must read for anyone considering running an InMail campaign in the near future.

Earth Day 2021

One more year, Earth Day came and went. Tho this time felt different. Maybe because we are still in a fairly unprecedented situation and we are more aware than ever before of the world around us and how quickly things we took for granted can change. We are all more invested in doing what is in our hands and expect our favourite brands to do the same. From Apple to P&G, here you can find some of this years’ brand statements.

And as we know how daunting it can be to figure out what you can do, we want to share with you five resources that could help you shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

ECOSIA: This is a search engine that plants trees. The more you search for ads with Ecosia, the more income they make to plant trees and fight deforestation!

iRECYCLE: It's an American app that allows you to find the nearest location for recycling a wide variety of common items.

ACTIVE GIVING: Active Giving is a German app that tracks your physical activities and turns it into funding for environmental causes.

REPLASTIC: This German app transfers information to the manufacturers in order to raise awareness about packaging and help shift it to more environmentally friendly packaging.

TOMORROW'S AIR: It’s the first platform that focused on one goal: consolidating the massive, distributed power of global travel to clean up the excess carbon.

We are always on the lookout for useful information and resources to reduce our impact. If you know any, feel free to share it with us on LinkedIn, Instagram or get in touch with us.

Last but not least…


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