Cheers to 7 years!

Elena Benevento

by Elena Benevento



Another year has come and gone and we know it was not the easiest. Let us cheer you up with some fun facts about the agency and our team a.k.a. “the DOTS”.

A bit about EIGHTYDOTS...


The official kick-off of EIGHTYDOTS happened on a rooftop in Singapore 9 months before its official founding in 2014. What a journey it has been since then!


Our office is located across two levels: the 3rd floor and the rooftop terrace. And guess what? 20% of our office space is occupied by the terrace. Yes, we have quite a connection with rooftops…

It is the perfect meeting spot. The DOTS love having lunch there, using it as a coworking place or simply to chill after work. The 360° view expands from the hills of the Munich Olympia Park to the green heart of the Englischer Garten and even the Alps!


Our founders visited more than 30 office spaces in Munich before finding our current office a.k.a. the best-place-to-work in town. Did you know? We are located in Münchener Freiheit 2, in the heart of Munich where options for lunch, shops, supermarkets and cafes are endless. And did we mention the Englischer Garten is right around the corner!


The most frequent question over the last 7 years is “what does EIGHTYDOTS stand for?” Legend has it that people are still wondering… It may have something to do with Munich. What is your guess? We may save the real answer for another time. But for now, you can’t deny it’s a great conversation starter!

...and the DOTS...


We are a melting pot of cultures. From Spain, Canada, Switzerland, US, Italy, Mexico and back to Germany - you name it. We are made up of 10 nationalities and speak 6 different languages... including Mandarin.


Either at the office or for pleasure, sports is something that connects us all. We are still alive after 7 years and 364 yoga hours! And, did we mention yet that one DOT has cycled 16,250 km on his one year trip around the world? Good that we’ve installed a shower in the office!

7. AGE

If there is something true it’s that age doesn't matter. We love sharing all kinds of life experiences, ideas and to see how different perspectives bring the best results. Everyone has something to bring to the table. And we cover quite an age span if you think about it. Combined, we’re actually a few hundred years old.

Now that you know a bit more about us, we can’t wait to learn more about you.

Our team are experts when it comes to digital marketing and digital strategies in Munich, Germany, Europe and on an international scale.

Are you looking for a multicultural agency partner to conquer the digital transformation of your brand? In both marketing in B2B and B2C industries, we cover an array of digital marketing services. So don’t hesitate to get in touch or even drop by for a coffee and the best views from the SKYDOT!

Here’s to another great year ahead!



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