AI in Blockchain, Quality Assurance, and the Medical Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved by leaps and bounds to a point where AI based applications are widespread across all industries such as technology, automotive, health, banking, marketing, and entertainment while simultaneously providing tremendous opportunities for businesses to increase operational efficiencies, improve quality assurance and reduce costs, among countless other possible uses.

For the first time in Munich, the Disrupt Network asked EIGHTYDOTS to be a partner for this event.

The speakers were:

Nahia Orduña, Senior Manager, Analytics and Digital Integration at Vodafone

As a Senior Manager in Analytics and Digital Integration, Nahia Orduna leads a team which empowers data strategy across Vodafone Business Commercial & Operations by accelerating quality decision-making based on facts and insights. She is a Telecommunication Engineer holding MBA.

Nahia is a firm believer that technology improves the world and that the impact of digitalisation in our lives is extremely positive. She has been working in the last 15+ years in companies which are connecting the world and driving this change, such as Cisco Systems or Vodafone. As a technology enthusiast, she participates in conferences and events worldwide where she talks around AI, digital transformation or the power of Big Data and she contributes to the World Economic Agenda with her thoughts around lifelong learning or cognitive diversity.

Stephan Hinze, Founder, Neurocat GmbH

Stephan Hinze is an industrial engineer who founded his first company after finishing a trainee program at a large automotive company. Since then he has developed software for large organizations, but never considered himself a programmer. Hinze, who can look back on 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in the software, certification, investment and high frequency trading markets, recognized the potential of AI in 2016 and shortly thereafter, in early 2017 founded a company that deals exclusively with AI quality and currently employs more than 25 researchers and developers. The focus is on Quality Assurance in privacy, safety and security for AI modules and data. His goal is to enhance the end user’s trust and to enable secure AI applications for industry and society.

Dr. Tassilo Christ, Senior Manager, d-fine GmbH

After graduating in physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and finishing his PhD at the Technical University of Munich Tassilo joined the financial engineering group at d-fine, a Frankfurt based quantitative consulting firm. During the financial crisis and its aftermath he developed and validated models for the pricing of complex financial derivatives and advised banks and supervisory authorities on questions of risk management, financial accounting and capital measurement.

Being passionate about machine learning since his university days Tassilo also delivered projects to clients from the industrial sector, which greatly benefited from the mathematical mindset and the strong data analytics background of the d-fine consultants. Tassilo and his team successfully applied artificial intelligence in particular in complex image recognition projects, one of which was the topic of his presentation.

Stay tuned for the next data science and AI meetups with Disrupt Network in the future!

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