Marta Epelde and Guntram Kopp

by Marta Epelde and Guntram Kopp



Defining goals can be a challenge. In our case we have clear goals for the next five years and the good thing is that we started already working on them since the very first day of EIGHTYDOTS:

1. Be the “First Choice” partner for clients looking for a digital strategy and internationalization for their marketing.

Creating awareness and better customer interactions on behalf of brands is what we do best. EIGHTYDOTS is the extension of the marketing team from our clients. Whether it’s start-ups or medium sized businesses looking to expand into international markets or international brands who need to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing, we want to become the “first choice” agency for a long partnership.

2. Become the “Best Place to Work” in Munich.

One of the things which was clear to us before we even had a name for our company was that we wanted to create a unique workspace, where people felt valued in the long term, stood for something beyond simply increasing revenues and motivated to come to work (even on Mondays!). We are in a good path and won’t stop working on a unique “people strategy” that values our most important asset: OUR TEAM.

3. Reduce the fluctuation of employees to 0%.

And OUR TEAM being our most important asset means taking care of every single person working at EIGHTYDOTS. We are very proud to have an extremely low fluctuation of employees compared to industry standards. The major reason to leave EIGHTYDOTS so far has been “leaving Germany to another country”. And even in those cases we’ve always tried to keep the working connection.

The focus is to give our talents the freedom to express their creativity and make sure there’s a path of progression for getting promoted and building personal authority within EIGHTYDOTS.


Not for the sake of shareholders but the performance of our service portfolio. Growth is the baseline for three objectives that drive our work with clients:

- Improving or inventing relevant marketing services,

- Achieving more effectiveness on the brand perception and the awareness for their products and services on a multinational level

- Increasing the efficiency of customer interactions through smart methodologies and the implementation of AI whenever it is possible and useful.

And as a logical consequence we are as excited to see how the size and expertise of our team is continuously growing. Which leads us to our last goal:


This has always been a central topic at our agency. Not because we try to reach ‘numbers’ or ‘standards’ that are good for our image but because we create conditions in which people of all backgrounds feel empowered to do their best work, regardless of gender, religion, race or sexual orientation. It is useless trying to recruit diverse talent into an environment in which they won’t feel like they belong, just because you have to make sure you meet the perfect ‘quote’.

Besides the already close collaboration with the Munich chapter from the global organization SheSays, a global organization focus on the engagement, education and advancement of women, we will expand our academy concept, opening up for further partnerships, having more collaboration space to strengthen our idea of a diverse company culture.