We help brands grow through customer-centric marketing.

EIGHTYDOTS is a digital marketing agency, serving international clients from our Munich headquarters.


Insights that fuel customer-centricity.

It takes a deep understanding of customer expectations and their behavior to achieve highest relevance for brand content on Social Media or websites. Our approach connects direct customer feedback with deep listening insights and is the sure-fire way to create impactful brand communication. Read on.

Social Media strategies that drive engagement.

For us, new algorithms didn’t really pose much of a challenge. Why? Because we already focused on creating content that is engaging to our customers. And we seemed to have found just the perfect recipe that works every time. Read on.

Customer Experiences that deliver on marketing and sales objectives.

Are you aware that any interaction your customers have with your brand is four times more likely to drive disloyalty than to drive loyalty? That’s tough. Therefore, we focus our work to make customer experiences effortless, because that's the key to mitigate disloyalty and drive business impact. Pretty cool, right? Read on.

Collaboration models that get better results.

All organizations we talk with tell us the same problem: we’re too big for our own good. We say: the bigger, the better. Bigger simply means more knowledge to share and more synergies to use. Where do we come in? We help get the right departments and support with tailor-made solutions to ensure that strategies are implemented accordingly. Read on.

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