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If people don’t know you, they can’t buy from you. It’s that simple.

We help you making your brand known in a consistent, effective and efficient way, across all digital touch-points.

Using the right social strategy to raise awareness means consistency in presence, governance and goals for your brand across all social channels worldwide.

“EIGHTYDOTS’ digital marketing approach had a huge impact on the growth of Lagadoue. They’ve identified the right target group for us on social media, connected them to our brand and converted them to customers for our fantastic products.”

⎯⎯ Julien Charpentier, Founder of Lagadoue

Media @ED

Becoming the segment leader on social media in one country can already be a challenge. Achieving this result in several countries at the same time was BMW's objective. With an 'award winning' strategy, we've accomplished this mission in all involved markets within 18 months of time.

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Social Media @ED for BMW
Social Media @ED for Lagadoue

Media @ED

Also brands that are right at the beginning of their international growth, benefit from our award-winning social media methodology. For the Parisien brand Lagadoue we've implemented a collaboration model that enables them to focus on the expansion of their business while we take care of the growth of their international fan base at the same time.

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