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Most brands struggle with creating consistent and impactful digital customer experiences on a global scale. Our methodology helps you to implement your customer-centric marketing strategy more consistently and with less efforts worldwide.


If you are doing digital marketing for an international brand, have you ever asked yourself…

How to get more transparency and consistency on the activities that run in all your markets?

How to scale the impact of your strategy, considering your existing marketing set-up and budget?

How to ensure that centrally developed concepts and campaigns cover local demands and are implemented fast and smoothly?


Every marketing team of an international company wants to create an impactful brand perception in all markets they are responsible for. However, the lack of resources, budgets and internal collaboration models make it almost impossible to establish a consistent and effective marketing approach everywhere. We have worked with international brands in over 50 countries and we understand how challenging it can be to achieve a substantial change within the existing prerequisites of your organization.

EIGHTYDOTS' approach creates sustainable advantages in marketing against our competitors

⎯⎯ W. Breyer, Marketing Director Importer Markets, BMW Group

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Our proven approach will help you to make marketing the driver for a customer-centric strategy within your company and your work will have the impact you've always wanted.

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Our Story.

EIGHTYDOTS was founded by Marta Epelde and Guntram Kopp in 2014, when both had already growing careers in international companies. While working either on marketing side of global brands or for agencies that had international clients, they both experienced that most organizations suffer on not having a methodology to implement global marketing strategies consistently and effectively into their subsidaries worldwide. Their mission, to help international marketing teams to achieve higher impact with their existing team set-ups, became the foundation of EIGHTYDOTS.

Within the first years as a boutique agency, we've built-up longterm relationships with brands of all sizes and supported them to create digital marketing strategies that have been implemented successfully in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We work hard as a team to continually study the rapidly changing landscape of the digital world and its opportunities for marketing of international brands. We know how hard it is to transform a great marketing strategy from a headquarter or regional department into effective action on market level with all the heterogene set-ups and budget restrictions the local marketing teams often have. Our passion is to help those teams getting the success and business impact they deserve with an approach that connects the competences and resources of central and local marketing teams more effectively with lower budgets.

Marta Epelde

Guntram Kopp

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