Everything started with a clear goal in mind, to make things different in our industry.
Creating an agency model that helps international brands to transform their digital marketing.
To better connect the dots between brand objectives and customer demands.

Now is the perfect moment to bring EIGHTYDOTS to the next level, with even better digital marketing services for our clients.

And again, this is just the beginning.

Say Goodbye to EIGHTYDOTS

If you want to leave us a message for the hilarious 9 years of EIGHTYDOTS, wonderful experiences and great memories of common projects and collaborations: this is the perfect moment to do so.

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Say Hello to Media.Monks

If you are interested to get more insights on Media.Monks and the journey that we take together from now on, please have a look on our Media.Monks website and connect with us there.

To Media.Monks

We continue our journey,

We are now part of the next big thing,

We are here to win the decade,

We are now Media.Monks.